Our Exam Guarantee

This year, the certificate is yours!


We offer you a guarantee so you are sure to pass the offical exam


Garantía de ExamenAcrotera Idiomas is an official preparation and exam centre for various international educational institutions.Every year we prepare over one hundred students to get their official certificate with confidence thanks to the profesional preparation we give.


We are not interesed about global pass percentages. All we care about is that you pass and that you get your official certificate. For this reason, we have designed an exclusive exam guarantee which demonstrates that we invest heavily in the quality of our teaching methods.


Our Guarantee, your peace of mind.


cursos de inglésIf you pass our course and in the terrible situation where you fail the official exam, the results were not in your favor, Acrotera Idiomas will bear the costs immediately for the next convocation.


This guarantee is for all our students whom study in our school y and are preparing for any of the following exams: B1, B2 or C1 Cambridge English, Trinity College London, Anglia, telc, Oxford, British Council, Alianza Francesa, Goethe Institut, Cervantes Institute, Universidad of Salamanca or the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid.


We believe in you.

preparación exámenes

We offer you this exclusive guarantee, not because we think you are going to fail, but because we believe in you and we want you to be able to concéntrate on your studies with no worries. Don’t fret about having to pay for the exam incase you fail. All you need to do is to focus on yourself.

We have the best training.

profesores nativos

Our team is formed by official examiners and qualified teachers with experience. Our classes are communicative and dynamic, we work with top quality materials and our courses are structured following CEFR regualtions and our syllabus by international educational institutions.


How to get our guarantee


It is simple and does not have any additional costs. Comply with our requirements and go to the official exam with us, if you fail we will cover the cost for the next exam in our centre.


To benefit from our guarantee you must meet with all our requirements:

  • You must carry out a Premium Level Test (4 parts) to be able to evaluate how many hours you need to reach your objecive. Request your test now!
  • You must study in our school all of the hours established by the Level Test without disruption.
  • You must pass our course: obtain an average result over 8 out of 10 in the tests and mock exams of the course. (minimum 5 assessments).
  • You must certify correct payment of bills due, with no non-payments.
  • You must assist to class up to the due date of the official exam. There cannot be a space of a week without going to class and the exam date. You must assist to more than 75% of the hours established by the Premium Test.
  • You must register for the first official exam in Acrotera Idiomas after complying with the above points.
  • You must present yourself and finish all parts of the official exam Trinity, Oxford, Cambridge, Anglis, telc, Oxford, DELE, SIELE, BULATS, Cámara Madrid or Alianza Francesa. (levels B1, B2, C1)


This guarantee does not have a refund of any sort economicly. No money will be refunded for the failed exam nor for the recuperation exam (if you have done the exam or not). The exam guarantee is only applied in exams done through our centre and the student must do the first exam and the recuperation exam in our centre.



Preperation and Exam Centre of:

centro examinador

We are the largest preparation and examination centre in Andalucía. We work for 5 educational institutons of languages. We have in our program more than 120 different exams, 10 languages and 6 levels.

Do you want more information on our guarantee?

Request your test to be covered with our guarante.

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Write to us info@acroteraidiomas.com

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Thanks so much for trusting us with your future


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