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Learn Spanish online from any place at any time


with the advantage of having classes from your language school


 flexible live classes with native teachers



online registration – see online Spanish courses.





Courses with you in mind



 Do you work split shifts?


Ingles online


Our online Spanish courses are planned around you because it allows you to asist to class and not to loose out on lessons. There is different times available.

Do you live far away?


Ingles videconferencia


When you are at home, you are in class. We bring the teacher to you so you can go to class. This is the perfect combination of being at home and being in class.

Do you need flexibility?


ingles flexible


We combine a personalized education and 100% flexibility when it comes to timetables and you can be on top of your personal and family life.






A model teaching method effective with 4 fundamental elements



clase de inglés en directo 

Live direct classes online

videoclases de inglés 

Personal Tutor

elearning inglés 


videocleses inglés 

Evaluation and feedback



see courses





See how we work




 Online classes


Online Spanish classes are like going to real classes at school. There are different weekly classes at different times. Students connect live with the teacher.


The principle advantages are:


  • Being able to see and interact with the teacher and with your classmates at the same time by videoconference.
  • Speak and ask questions so the teacher can help you directly.
  • The teacher can use the online board to explain.


 Clases online en directo 
 Clases en diferido   

Postponed classes


All classes are recorded live and are saved so the student can visualize the video any time he/she wants.


If you cannot assist class or if later you have any doubts, there is no problem, you can go back and see the whole class again.



 Classes to resolve your doubts


During the online Spanish course you will find classes aimed to solve students problems exclusively. These classes are also live and has a duration of 55 minutes. Here, you can ask questions about the class in the Chatroom, and the teacher will answer you verbally. Also, there will be practical examples and speaking where the teacher will correct any pronunciation problems.



Clases para resolver dudas


 Clases magistrales   

Master Class


They are extraordinary classes to complement your education. The online Spanish classes are provided by our native teachers who are also examiners. Complementery content to learn. They are recorded and can be visualized how many times you need.


 Personal tutor


In every moment and from the first day you will have a personal tutor to acommpany you and help you through the course. You will be in constant contact with your tutor continually through our platform, and above all, by telephone and by email.


What will the personal tutor help you with?


  • Resolving any doubts in certain areas of the course.
  • He/She will help you plan and get the most out of your time.
  • You will be recommended resources from the platform, and it can be used
  • He/She will commit to help you reach your objectives.



Tutor personal



Recursos de aprendizaje



Learning Resources


Each course is designed with quality resources and content by well known editors.


You will find:


  • Explication of contents and subjects.
  • Official practice exams and mock exercises. (depending on the course).
  • Audios to improve Listening.
  • Activities to put what you have learned into practice.


You can decide up to where you want to be examined in each course depending on your interest and time you have for dedication.

Personal planning is key. To facilitate this job you will find in the platform the weekly programme.



  Assesment and feedback


Together with our resources, the teachers and tutores will send you weekly projects.


These tasks are assesed by the teacher and will send you your result so you can do better. The Feedback from your teacher will help you to improve.


These tasks are focused on your improvement and to prepare you for your official exam.










Why study with us?



All levels.


5 levels available: A1, A2, B1, B2 y C1. You can advance your skills continually and progresively. Do your level test online.


centro examinador y preparador 

Preparation and Exam centre.


We are ab exam centre and preparation centre for offical exams SIELE, espro-BULATS, telc, DELE, Chamber of Commerce



If you pass our course and fail the official exam, you will have the costs of the second exam covered (see conditions).


High preformance Coaching.


profesor nativo por Skype

The Academic Advice service will give the students the possibility to progress his or her learning and the objectives will be succesfully met.




Our teaching is proven by the University Rey Juan Carlos. Our teachers are native, certified and are official examiners.









Our online Spanish courses



Exam Preparation SIELE



3 courses:

  • Basic (A1/A2)
  • Intermediate(B1/B2)
  • Advanced (C1/C1)

Exam Preparation DELE



4 courses:

  • DELE A2.
  • DELE B1.
  • DELE B2.
  • DELE C1.

Exam Preparation espro-BULATS



3 courses:

  • Basic (A1/A2).
  • Intermediate(B1/B2).
  • Advanced(C1/C2).

Learn Spanish in general


5 courses:

  • Level A1.
  • Level A2.
  • Level B1.
  • Level B2.
  • Level C1.

Exam Preparation Chamber of Commerce



7 courses:

  • Buisness Spanish (B2).
  • Buisness Spanish(C1).
  • Buisness Spanish(C2).
  • Spanish for tourisim(B2).
  • Spanish for tourisim C1).
  • Spanish for Health Science (B2).
  • Spanish for Health Science (C1).

 Exam Preparation for Spanish citizenship CCSE



1 course:

  • Level A2.










Online Spanish courses

Live classes

Clases en diferido

Deferred classes

Recorded master classes

Personal tutor

Learning resources

Evaluation and feedback

Course registration (supplement)

Course duration


24 weeks

45 €

monthly payment (4 weeks)

1 lesson a week

59 €

24 week


12 weeks

69 €

monthly payment (4 weeks)

2 lessons a week

59 €

12 weeks







 Past Clients

descuento 15%

Old clients of Acrotera Idiomas (from past courses or past exams) will benefit from a 15% descount in the monthly payment.

 One time payment

descuento 10%

Courses paid for in full will benefit from a 10%.

Completely paid for in 2 placements

descuento 5%

Courses paid for in full in 2 seperate payments will benefit from a 5% discount








Get to know us



Try out one of our classes for free . Online Registration






Frequently asked questions:



1. How many students are there in the course?

The live classes are designed for an average of 5-6 students approximately. If there are many students in the course, several sessions of the same class will be scheduled live so that students can attend different times and have a low ratio.

2. Offers and bonus of the course.

Offers are not cumulative with each other or among other offers. No other discounts can be applied to online courses.

3. How much does the course cost?

The price of the Spanish online course consists of the course registration plus 6 monthly payments (in the course of 24 weeks) and 3 monthly payments (in the course of 12 weeks).

4. Can I unsubscribe from the course?

Yes, but for this you must pay only monthly without offers. The offers are only for the full online English course.

5. When is the course paid and how?

The Spanish online course is paid in advance. Before starting the course you must pay the registration fee and the first monthly payment. The rest of payments by months in advance.

You can pay by bank transfer or bank deposit. The single payment is the only one that allows payment by card.

6. If I can not attend a class or a month?

Live online Spanish lessons lost are not recovered as you can see it in deferred. Even if you can not attend live class you will always have the platform open and the tutor available. So you are always attending the course.

7. I need more class at the end of the course. Can I extend the course?

Yes. You can extend the Spanish online course after its period. To do this you must pay the tuition fee again and pay the monthly payments.

The course is not repetitive for the following reasons:

    Live classes change according to the students and their needs.
    The contents are updated and there will be new contents.
    The evaluation and feedback defects are always new. So you can practice more.
    The tutor will help you at all times.



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