actividadesWhen you come to study to our Spanish school you will be able to do many activities. Activities organized by Acrotera Idiomas and even open air activities. Our location is near the beach and the mountains. We are 15 minute drive from Malaga centre. A never ending activity plan to enjoy while you study.


A linguistic holiday.


Our school organizes various group activities that you can enjoy while you learn Spanish.All our activities are directed by specialised monitors who you will practice new language with  


spanish courses – see the surroundings


Live our history.


These are activities directed by archaeologists, with more than 10 years experience, who will show you the cities history and you will experience living in the past. The activities are:

  • Living History: Prehistory.
  • Living History: Roman world.
  • Living History: Muslim Malaga.
  • Visit the caves Cueva del Tesoro (We are the only ones who show the cave paintings).


Visit Málaga.

  • Monumental Malaga.
  • Málaga and Picasso.
  • Málaga Museums.
  • Málaga and the historical Botonic gardens.
  • Nerja caves.
  • The 4 routes in the Axarquia (Grape, Sun, Wine and Avocado).



  • Tour to Ronda (Málaga).
  • Tour to Antequera (Málaga).
  • Tour to Caminito del Rey (Málaga).
  • Tour to Granada.
  • Tour to Córdoba.
  • Tour to Sevilla.
  • Tour to Cádiz.
  • Tour to Baelo Claudia (Tarifa, Cádiz).


Independant Activities:

We help you so you can enjoy other types of activites:



  • Sports on the beach.
  • Padel.
  • Cycling.
  • Golf.
  • Water sports.
  • Football.
  • Basketball.


Leisure, city and nature:

  • Shopping.
  • Tapas.
  • Horse riding.
  • Walking.
  • Flamenco.
  • Skating.


Activity conditiones :


There are activities where you will need special insurance, such as dangerous sports or activities. Insurance is included in some of the activity fees and some may not.

If you want to do independant activities, our school will find the neccesary information to help you.



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