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  Would you like to come to Spain on holiday and be able to speak Spanish?
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Acrotera Idiomas is your Spanish school


garantía de examenExam Guarantee


Our students will have the exam fee included for the recuperation exam if they pass our course and fail the official exam.
(ver bases)

profesores nativos y examinadoresNatives and Examiners


We count on our native teachers whom are also examiners for official Spanish exams.

centro examinadorSpecialists in Exams


We are an official exam center and we prepare you too. Every month more than one hundred candidates are examined.





Quality and Trust-Worthy

These are some of the institutions that vouch for our work:


exámenes Oxfordexamination centre Oxford exámenes Trinityexamination centre Trinity exámenes Cambridgepreparation centre Cambridge exámenes telcexamination centre telc Angliaexamination centre Anglia Examinations
Exámenes BULATSestablishment partner BULATS University of Salamanca exámenes espro BULATSexamination centre espro BULATS exámenes SIELEexamination centre SIELE exámenes cámara de comerciocollaborative centre Chamber of Commerce  
URJCcollaborative University Rey Juan Carlos SICTEDquality certificate SICTED APTApromotional association for tourisim in the Axarquia ACIRAssociation of language centres Rincon de la Victoria. Costa del SolVisit Costa del Sol





Out Standing New Courses



Spanish by video conference

While you are at home, you are in class. Learn Spanish or prepare for an official Spanish exam from home with our courses by video conference.

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Intense Spanish Courses.

One to one Spanish tutorials in Spain. Travel to Spain to learn Spanish in our intensive courses.

+ info


Spanish for Residents.

Spanish courses for residents in Malaga. Long duration courses. SUBSIDICED for workers.

+ info



Take advantage of your holiday with our activity programme. See the history first hand with our programme Living History directed by profesional archaeologists .

+ info

examenExam Prepration Courses.

Prepare for your official exam from the Cervantes Institute, Salamanca University or Chammber of Commerse.

+ info


Spanish Course by Skype.

Spanish courses by Skype. Private classes organised for your needs. Learn Spanish from home.

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Our Exam Announcements


Spanish Exams


In Acrotera Idiomas you have the possibility to do an official Spanish exam that best suits your needs.


Certificates from the University of Salamanca:

  • esPro BULATS (all levels).


Certificate from the Cervantes Institute:

  • SIELE (all levels).


Certificates from the Chamber of Commerce:

  • Spanish for Buisness (B2, C1, C2).
  • Spanish for tourisim (B2, C1).
  • Spanish for Health Science (B2, C1).


more information – online registrationsee preparation courses

examen de español





they make us blush






In the heart of the Costa del Sol

Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga, Spain)




call now 951 92 12 39 - send us an email










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